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STAGE Sustainability Call and EENergy Energy Efficiency Grants for businesses

STAGE Sustainability Call for Proposals for companies, open until 7 February 2024

STAGE is a unique support mechanism co-funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe programme to support sustainability reporting and investment readiness of companies (SMEs).
The tools and services provided by the project will support the greening of businesses, such as innovation and sustainability assessments, sustainability training courses, financial support programmes and consultancy.
The project is open to companies (SMEs) and financial and sustainability advisors based in EU Member States.
More information + registration form:

A second call for proposals is open for businesses from December last year until 7 February 2024. It is aimed at companies wishing to develop an innovative investment project plan and attract private investment to their business:
– Modernisation and technological innovation;
– process automation;
– process digitalisation;
– implementing renewable energy or circular economy models, etc.

Financial assistance will also be provided to finance additional expert services needed to prepare the investment plan (technology audit; carbon footprint data collection and analysis; due diligence analysis; prototyping; pilot testing and demonstration; business process adaptation; support for the use of testing facilities; other specialised consultancy and mentoring services).

STAGE financial support will be funded in 2 phases:
Phase -1: €5000
-Phase 2: grant amount of 0.4% of the private investment received, up to a maximum of € 45 000.

In order to apply for a financial contribution, a company must enter the STAGE platform to pass the first stage – the initial assessment. After that, the company must contact the sustainability financial advisor(s) on the platform, go to the application section and follow the instructions for participation.
LINK to the call for applications:
The call is open for applications until 7 February 2024.


EENergy – Energy Efficiency Grants, call for proposals opens 01.02.2024

The EENergy project, funded by the European Union, supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in carrying out energy efficiency measures that result in improvements in their energy efficiency. A total of 900 grants (maximum of €10,000) will be distributed in EU countries, enabling businesses to increase their resilience to energy price fluctuations and disruptions in the energy supply chain, while increasing sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. The aim of this direct financial support is to increase the energy efficiency of participating SMEs by at least 5%, to be achieved through investments in technological solutions and access to specific advice and training.
The call for applications is open for two months from 01.02.2024 to 31.03.2024.
The EENergy programme is implemented by the Enterprise Europe Network, which has been supporting European SMEs to grow, expand and internationalise since 2008. Contact the right Estonian partner or

For more information and to apply from 01.02.2024, please contact: