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Archive for February, 2021

Re-Engineering Manufacturing & Retail for the New Norm

This virtual event from Malta invites and brings together manufacturing, retail and technology companies and business service providers, public sector representatives and researchers to learn, meet and participate in the current recovery phase to restructure their operations, optimize the technology use and find new international markets, especially where sustainable practices are in place.

14.-15. April: Manufacturing industry
28.-29. April: Retail

Industry focus:

Automation / robotics
Construction machinery
Electronics, microelectronics
The environment
Industrial production
Information processing, information systems

Additional information and registration is open until 14.04.2021

Hannover Technology and Business Cooperation B2B matchmaking event

The traditional Hannover trade fair and B2B matchmaking event will take place in Germany in April. But due to the corona crises, both will take place in virtual format. You are welcome to participate to familiarize yourself with new technologies, concepts and solutions and, of course, to make new profitable contacts to promote the marketing and sales of your products and services.

Related industries: Automation, robotics, energy, industry and industrial production

Technology keywords:

Automation, robotics control systems
3D printing
Built-in and real-time systems
Printed and integrated circuits
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Remote control
Maintenance management system
Operation planning and scheduling system
Machine tools
Process automation
Manufacturing networks
Component integration
Supply chain
Information processing and systems, workflow
Factory design and maintenance
Composite materials

Additional information and registration is open until 4.04.2021

Sustainable packaging – international market for ideas and B2B matchmaking event

This event brings together different parties to talk about food packaging – to find solutions that make it more sustainable and innovative.

How can we reduce packaging waste and still pack valuable goods safely? And what about the potential health risks associated with the materials and chemicals used in packaging? Reducing materials and using sustainable packaging has become a major challenge, and new solutions are being intensively discussed by industry and regulators. It is important to continue and deepen this dialogue by working with innovative start-ups and other companies to find specific solutions to the larger challenges of the packaging business. The aim of the event is to bring together innovative thinkers from all over Europe and initiate new potential collaborations.

Main topics:
Retailer future packaging strategies
New packaging materials
Plastic packaging
Paper packaging

Additional information and registration is open until March 21, 2021 at

Japan Food and Beverage Days, B2B matchmaking event

The EU-Japan (EEN Japan) Center is organizing a “Japan Food and Drink Days” B2B matchmaking event for European companies interested in Japanese food and beverages.

11.-16. March 2021, a communication channel will be open for text format chat exchanges and video calling. If necessary, translation can be used. Participation is free.

Participation terms:
European importers, wholesalers or retailers
Japanese food / beverage manufacturers and Japanese sales companies

Related food topics:
Canned food, conserved foods
Sweets, Japanese sweets, chocolate, jam
Milk products
Delicacies, special foods, dried foods, spices
Diet / baby food / healthy food
Gluten free
Organic products
Pastries, cakes, cookies

Japanese sake
Other beverages
Fruit and vegetable juice
Organic drinks
Tea, coffee, Japanese tea

More information and registration is open until March 8, 2021 at

Free From Food Asia – quality food webinars and B2B meetings

You are welcome to the virtual pre-event of the fair that takes place in Bangkok in September 2021. It focuses on organic food, ingredients, healthy food, vegan food, food safety and functional food; as well as plastic-free packaging related topics/ products. Participants will receive interesting new information of the sector, but also an opportunity to meet potential new business partners from Europe to Asia. Participation is free of charge.

The webinars feature inspiring presenters who provide an overview of the Asian market current situation and the opportunity to make direct contacts with exhibitors, importers, traders, hotels and retailers.

Additional information and registration is open until 12.03.2021 at and

Qatar virtual matchmaking event

The matchmaking event with B2B meetings will focus on raising the awareness of Qatari companies and their production capabilities and will open an opportunity for international companies to establish cooperation relations with leading Qatari producers.

The event is related to the following sectors:

Construction, building materials, chemicals and electrical equipment
Plastics and packaging
Chemical products
Food and drink
Paper products
ICT services
Pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical equipment

Additional information and registration until 02.03.2021 at

Virtual conference and matchmaking event – biomass processes and technologies “BIOKET”

Biomass is a great resource that can be converted into chemical, bio-based materials, food and feed ingredients or energy.

Some of the highlights of the event are: algal bioprocessing plant, biomass pre-treatment, DSP, eco-extraction, lignin valorisation, process control, optimization and modeling, wood bioprocessing plant, enzymatic catalysis and biotechnology-related processes.

Additional information and registration for a paid event open until 15.03.2021

International conference of machine and factory technology, plus matchmaking event “Factory of the future”

Welcoming all interested participants to exchange ideas and receive news of the latest developments in the field. Great possibility to meet suppliers, customers and potential business partners in the machinery, engineering and metals industries

Participation is free, pre-registration required no later than March 12, 2021.

More information and registration

Life-on-Chip Health Technologies Conference and matchmaking event

International researchers and companies are welcome to attend the conference and matchmaking event “Life-on-Chip: Exploring the Convergence in Health Technologies” to exchange knowledge and make new useful contacts in the field.

Micro- and nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, design thinking, robotics, innovative manufacturing technologies and big data have had a major impact in all industries, but perhaps have the greatest potential impact on health and life sciences. Together with ever-increasing biological knowledge and discoveries, the resulting innovations enable amazing applications that can change the healthcare system.

Technology keywords:
Medicine, human health;
Micro- and nanotechnology related to life sciences;

Additional information and registration open until 17.02.2021

Innovation and digitalization for tourism businesses: conferences, workshops and B2B meetings

The focus of the event is on the digital transformation of the tourism industry and especially on technologies such as IoT, data analysis, artificial intelligence, etc. Come to participate at the event to gather exciting information in the field, get to know the participants and make useful business contacts.

Are you ready to expand or develop your business? Do you have a new idea you want to develop? Are you looking for alternative partners to expand and develop your business?

Topics covered:
research and development in tourism product development;
mobile technology;
detection technology;
augmented reality;
internet of things;
virtual assistants;
big data management;
block chain;
digitization of cultural heritage.

Focus areas

Development and implementation of new processes and functions in the tourism industry using digital technologies
Increasing the efficiency of the tourism industry in general
Development of ICT products / processes / solutions

Additional information and registration is open until 23.02.2021