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Archive for July, 2013

TBD Biodiscovery OÜ

TBD Biodiscovery OÜ is a research company that focuses on synthetic chemistry and production according to the good production practice as well as producing chemical compounds used in the pharmaceuticals and chemical industry as well as agrochemicals.

TBD Biodiscovery contacted Invent Baltics with the wish to find clients and cooperation partners in the pharmaceuticals industry who would be interested in using the technologies developed by the Estonian company. Invent Baltics helped the company in drawing up two profiles in order to offer their technologies via the Enterprise Europe Network. As a result a UK company was interested in their activities. TBD Biodiscovery used the opportunity to become acquainted with their profile via the Network database and thereafter a decision was made to cooperate.

The cooperation has been very beneficial for both parties and the UK company is now marketing the technologies developed by TBD Biodiscovery on the British market and together they are also offering the necessary consultations and knowhow.

Ars Delectatio OÜ

Ars Delectatio OÜ operates as the sales agent of various foreign companies in Estonia and is looking for contacts with new companies with the aim of distributing their products in Estonia. For that purpose they contacted the Chamber of Commerce as the representative of Enterprise Europe Network in Estonia.

Ars Delectatio saw the profile of the German company Winzegenossenschaft Ihringen eG in which they were looking for distributors for their wines. The Chamber intermediated the contacts of the companies and negotiations on the specifics of the cooperation started. As a result a brochure introducing the German company’s products was created.

At the end of the negotiations a cooperation agreement was concluded, based on which Ars Delectatio became the German company’s agent in Estonia. The Estonian company increased its product portfolio and is now able to offer its clients a wider product range


OÜ FESMA ALU is a company that manufactures modern and environmentally friendly heating equipment and animal farm installations, the main activity of which is manufacturing of heating equipment, metal and sanitary works with the focus on sustainability of use.

With an invitation from the Chamber, FESMA ALU participated in the contact meetings event ELMIA World Bio Energy organized by Enterprise Europe Network, which took place in Jönköping, Sweden. At the event the company met with a Swedish company Wastec that sells innovative waste management equipment.

After successful negotiations, the Swedish company became the reseller of hay presses of the Estonian company in Sweden and they for approximately 20% of the Swedish company’s turnover. It is planned to increase cooperation in the future even further and if possible, FESMA ALU will become the reseller of Wastec’s hay presses in Estonia.

Modesat Communications

Modesat Communications (taken over by Xillinx in 2012) was developing innovative digital modem technologies for radio and wire communication networks. Modesat contacted Invent Baltics with the wish to develop the company further.

Together a profile to introduce the company and their technology was prepared, which was then distributed among the representatives of the Enterprise Europe Network in various countries. 3Roam, a French company was interested in Modesat and contacted them. The companies started cooperation and together they developed two-point connection microwave signals for the telecommunications sector.