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    18.05.2022 | Registration open until 20.04.22

    Med2Meet 2022: virtual health care brokerage platform

    04.05.2022 |

    Textile Connect 2022: textile and footwear brokerage platform

    27.04.2022 |

    Speed-Match 2022: brokerage platform for the aviation, rail and automotive industries

    16.03.2022 | OPEN

    Supply chain resilience online platform now OPEN – create new international contacts

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    Have you encountered a situation in a Member State of the European Union where the authorities do not act in accordance with harmonised rules? Has there been a delay in refunding VAT or has your company been unfairly fined? Do you have unjustified obstacles to the supply or provision of your products? In such situations, […]


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    Contact Person: Henri Hanson
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