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Cista AS


Packaging producer Cista AS from Põlvamaa is a company founded in 1992 that produces packaging from corrugated paperboard, carton and paper in South Estonia. Cista participated in the contact visit to Sweden, which took place on 27-29 October 2014. The visit was a success. Vahur Käärik, CEO of Cista AS was very satisfied with the organisational part of the visit. In Käärik’s opinion, the did not rush to Sweden, but already had certain experience. A Swedish company who already has experience with Estonia, decided to cooperate with Cista. A cooperation agreement was concluded with Swedish Hammarprodukter AB that is now purchasing corrugated paperboard packaging from Cista AS.

In addition to the regular and traditional packaging, Cista AS has also created a smart packaging, which is user friendly and innovative. The modern technological solutions allow placing the product information that used to be on paper into the cloud, which is all thanks to the NFC technology. An NFC-supported mobile phone should be placed on the marking on the packaging and it allows reading the material saved in the cloud. The smart packaging also allows listening to the product information – it is mainly meant for blind customers. Unfortunately, the smart packaging has not become as popular yet. It seems that Cista is ahead of time with their idea. In Käärik’s opinion, the NFC support and technology are still picking up the momentum.


Vahur Käärik
Cista AS