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Archive for October, 2023

HORECA, Gastrofood, Enoexpo 2023: catering and hotel sector meetings

You are welcome to participate in the largest Polish trade fair for catering and hotel sector to establish new business contacts.

Main areas:

  • food and beverage production: traditional, organic, functional, etc.
  • foodstuffs (dairy, cereal products, fruit and vegetables, etc.) and beverages
  • food and wine tourism
  • Products and components for the Horeca sector
  • equipment for hotels, restaurants and cafes
  • hotel and accommodation design and architecture, design, artistic management
  • vending machines
  • tableware: cutlery, tablecloths, silverware, porcelain, plates, glasses, accessories, etc.
  • Computer systems and software for hotels and catering

Registration is open until November 6 at

Timber and construction 2023: conference and brokerage event

This event on information exchange, networking and new business contacts will focus on innovative companies specializing in wood, wooden construction and the construction sector around the world.

Main topics:

– wooden buildings and construction products
– building components and materials
– design and planning, IT services
– research and development
– construction chemistry

Registration is open until November 30 at

The European single market turned 30 this year

  • 447 million citizens
  • €14.5 trillion GDP 
  • 23 million companies
  • €3.4 trillion worth of intra-EU exports of goods
  • €965 billion worth of intra-EU services exports

Since its inception in 1993, the single internal market has helped to make everyday life easier for people and businesses, fostering jobs and growth across the European Union (EU). This can be considered one of the greatest achievements of the EU.
Today, the single market continues to be the driving force behind the EU, helping to jointly tackle new challenges. For example, finding solutions to combat climate change, creating a clean and secure energy supply and supporting the digitalisation of our economy. Together, we are more resilient and come out of crises stronger, as the recent COVID-19 pandemic showed. In the ongoing energy crisis we also supported European companies to diversify their supply chains and find new business opportunities.

The main benefits of the Single Market
The single market gives people the opportunity to travel and work across the EU and allows goods, services and money to move almost as freely as within a single country. Thanks to common rules and standards, consumers can trust that the products and services they buy in the EU are safe and meet the agreed requirements. Also, enterprises comply with the rules of labor and environmental protection.
The single market helps businesses to grow, including attracting investment (especially in small businesses). The single market also provides protection against potential shocks in supply chains by making it easier to find new suppliers and partners. The single market will enable innovative solutions to be scaled across the continent and help Europe to ensure access to new technologies, critical raw materials and clean energy, as well as the infrastructure, financing and skills needed for the transition.


Practical examples for entrepreneurs

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the largest support network for ambitious entrepreneurs already launched and co-funded by the EU in 2008. EEN offers free information, new business contacts, and many events for networking and expanding business, being represented in more than 60 countries around the world. Check out upcoming matchmaking events and the latest cooperation offers on the following pages: or Estonian Network subpage
The Your Europe portal at displays information about the EU country of interest of most relevant business aspects (about setting up a business, taxation and product requirements etc).
When it comes to public procurement, EU rules ensure that tendering procedures organised by public authorities are open, findable and transparent in the single market.
Companies can protect their intellectual property by registering for a single, unitary European patent. This system will also make it easier for companies to enforce their rights in court and make it easier and cheaper for companies to protect their innovations.
EU rules ensure that public authorities pay businesses in a timely manner for the  products they offer. In order to further reduce the culture of late payments, the existing rules will be strengthened.
Companies need important inputs such as raw materials and technologies such as semiconductors to contribute to the greening and digitalisation of our economy. The EU is working to reduce our dependence on countries outside the Union, including through the Critical Raw Materials Act, diversifying supplies, increasing production in Europe and supporting recycling.

This article has appeared on the European Commission’s website


Precision Technology Fair & Brokerage Event

You are welcome to participate in the international trade fair on precision technology, instrumentation, semiconductors and photonics, as well as in the conference and bilateral meetings held within it.

Main areas:

– precision mechanics

– machines and tools for extremely precise handling of materials (motion control, piezotechnology, linear technology, etc.)

– materials (composite materials, ceramics, glass, metals, functional coatings)

– photonics (optics, lenses, mirrors, lasers, etc.)

– micro- and nanotechnology (micro-connections, micro-assembly, microelectronics, precision etching)

– surface treatment

– precision machine design and mechatronics (education and training, engineering)

– vacuum technology

– cryotechnics, thermal control

– cleaning technology

– sensor technology (calibration, measuring instruments, equipment)

– vision systems (hardware, software)

– built-in systems

– Big Science Programs

Registration is open until November 14th 2023 at

Health products brokerage event

The event brings together buyers, manufacturers and suppliers from many European countries to establish new business contacts. Product developers have the opportunity to find partners with whom to discuss new technology and innovative solutions. You can already create a profile for yourself on the event website and start building collaborative links.

Main areas:

  • selected ingredients-free (free-from) food
  • vegetarian and vegan food
  • functional food
  • Packaging-free food

Registration is open until November 22 at