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Archive for February, 2024

Invitation to EEN webinar 22.FEB 17.00 – Doing business in the United States: what you need to know about entering the US market

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) supports European enterprises and start-ups to innovate and expand to their preferred markets, through providing support services and information.

We are welcoming all interested participants to join to EEN organised webinar ‘Doing business in the United States: what you need to know about entering the US market‘, that is brought to you by the European American Chamber of Commerce, our EEN partner for the US. It targets European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups (ready to scale internationally), European clusters and cluster managers, business advisers of the Enterprise Europe Network and other European business support organisations, and all other interested participants.

TIME and LOCATION: 22 FEB 2024 17:00 – 18:30 (EE), via Webex. Click here to join the session.

Learning objectives

The webinar provides an overview on the legal framework and regulations when opening a business in the United States including:

  • understanding the tax systems and requirements
  • how to incorporate your business in the United States and the 5 most legal issues to consider before you get here
  • which type of visa is right for you and your team members

The webinar will also provide practical guidance on how to selling into the United States market:

  • legal framework and key regulations when selling products into the U.S
  • sales channels: retail or wholesale; partnering with an agent or distributor
  • business and brand development


Click here to join the session via Webex or follow the live stream. Participation is free of charge.


  • 22.02, 21.03, 18.04 – Entering the US market: regulations, taxes, etc.
  • 29.02 – Testing and certification for export – Mutual Recognition Agreements on conformity assessment
  • 07 March – Doing business in Vietnam: business opportunities for the EU’s green technology industry

Registration and more information: Webinar series: Embracing global markets | Enterprise Europe Network (

JECWorld 2024: Composite Materials Fair and Brokerage Event

JEC brings together all segments of the global composite materials industry and supports the development of composite materials by promoting knowledge exchange between suppliers and users. At the same time, there will also be an event with B2B meetings to create new profitable contacts – business, technological or scientific cooperation in the field of composites, for example, raw materials, processing technologies, tools, machines, manufacturing of parts, etc.

Additional information and registration:

EnergyWeek 2024: Conference and brokerage event in Finland

EnergyWeek brings together energy enthusiasts from all over the world to share information, hear interesting practical examples, expand your network and do business. EnergyWeek focuses on renewable energy, smart energy, gas energy and energy storage, with a focus on digitalization, batteries and storage, the circular economy, smart cities of the future, energy regulation, business and innovation.

Additional information and registration for the meeting event:


The future of food and sustainable food technology solutions @Anuga FoodTec: trade fair and B2B meetings

Companies are welcome to take part in one of the leading international food and beverage processing fairs and its B2B meetings event. It is the world’s only supplier trade fair covering all aspects of food and beverage production – from production technology, packaging technology and food safety to digitalization and logistics.

Additional information and registration

Transforming industry through artificial intelligence and the circular economy: online conference and B2B meetings

Participants are welcome to attend an online conference and brokerage event focused on:

– Circular economy strategies

– Circular economy metrics and reporting

– AI-driven resource efficiency

– Sustainable production technologies

– Supply chain optimization

– … and more

  • March, 2024 Online conference
  • 14-22. March 2024: Virtual brokerage Event


IPEC 2024 aims to promote networking and knowledge exchange between Bavarian companies and multinational companies, start-ups and research institutions.

Participation in the conference and meeting event is free of charge.

Additional information and registration:

Technology at the service of e-shops

Cleveron is a technology company that develops and manufactures parcel delivery robots and vending machines. Our mission is to give people the gift of time so that we can all engage in activities that deliver greater value.

Cleveron was born out of a desire to make the delivery of e-commerce goods to the end customer more efficient, so that the customer doesn’t have to wait at home for a courier or stand in a long queue at the post office to collect the goods. We are still working on this challenge. With our technology, we help the world’s largest retailers automate their click and collect systems.

Robots make work more efficient

Cleveron’s main markets are regions with high labour costs – Europe in particular. Why? The biggest challenge facing retailers today is the ever-increasing labour and administrative costs. On the other hand, customers’ expectation for fast and convenient service has increased dramatically. Cleveron’s robots help businesses to use their resources more efficiently. Employees who would otherwise be dispensing parcels can now engage in higher value-added activities. Robots can store large quantities of parcels in a smaller footprint, and fast and efficient parcel pick-up increases end-consumer satisfaction. Our customers include some of the world’s largest retail and logistics companies, including Zara, ICA, H&M, Falabella, DHL and UPS.

Alongside the retail sector, we also see potential in the logistics sector. That’s why this year we launched the Cleveron 354 – a battery-powered parcel machine that can be installed anywhere. It has similar functionality to a conventional parcel machine. Among other things, companies can monitor the use of the machine in real time, but the lack of network access gives them more freedom to choose where to locate their machines. The vending machine will run for at least eight years without recharging the battery.

The Chamber of Commerce offers valuable contacts

We work with global retail and logistics companies. That’s why we turned to the Chamber of Commerce to find the most efficient solutions for larger volumes, with the aim of ensuring security of supply and spreading risks. The Chambers proved to be a useful partner for us in finding new external partners according to our needs and conditions. With the help of the contacts suggested by the Chamber, we mapped and evaluated the suppliers that could be our potential partners in the future. The cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce has been very smooth – they have a wide network of contacts, which makes it very easy to find the right partners.

Ott Pabut
Member of the Cleveron Management Board