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Archive for December, 2021

ENRICH Silicon Valley Financing and Investing Event in the USA (CES 2022 International Fair)

An exciting networking event will take place at CES 2022, allowing interested EU technology companies to pitch to investors, as well as present their company in the US at the “ENRICH Silicon Valley Funding Summit (CES 2022)”.
Interested companies / start-ups can apply for free or discounted participation at the Venetia Hotel, Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. Participation in US market entry training is also offered.

The event is organized in cooperation with ENRICH USA, an initiative funded by the European Commission.

More information and registration is open until December 24, 2021 on the ENRICH USA website:

Life-on-Chip personalized medicine brokerage event

You are welcome to the Conference (Initiating Convergence in Health Technologies) and the brokerage event, which will bring together different target groups – companies, research institutes, clusters and other related technology-, life sciences- and health related target groups to learn more about the latest innovations and trends in health, also for creating new useful collaborative contacts.

Micro- and nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced manufacturing technologies and big data have a major impact on all industries, but may have the greatest potential potential in the health and life sciences. Together with ever-increasing biological insights and discoveries, these innovations enable exciting applications that accelerate and transform the healthcare system.

Focus on sectors:

  • Medicine, human health
  • Micro- and nanotechnology for life sciences
  • E-health

More information and registration is open until February 9, 2021 at

Workshops, networking events and B2B meetings in Dubai @World Expo 2020

The event will focus on: ICT, mobility, transport and logistics, infrastructure, renewable energy, energy efficiency, the circular economy, eco-innovation, eco-construction, sustainable development, life sciences and health technology, business services, tourism.

More information and registration:

Becoming fluent in English through e-learning

Multilingua Language Centre has been operating for over 25 years and during that time we have become the largest language teaching school in Estonia. We organise language training both at Estonia and abroad. In addition to teaching 20 foreign languages and language counselling, we are developing into a competence centre, where we also provide training for educators and company teams.

Over the past few years, when the pandemic has affected the work rhythms of many companies, Multilingua has developed a so-called new normal for language lessons to be conducted in distance learning, enabling to acquire a foreign language in a virtual classroom. The advantage of this is that in one language lesson, learners who are not in one city, country or time zone can still learn together. Language learning opportunities are also offered in a hybrid classroom, which means that some learners and teacher are physically on site, while others are integrated remotely via an online platform.

Thus, one of the biggest challenges facing  Multilingua in the near future is to educate both teachers and learners with the latest solutions in technology, so that everyone can get the most out of modern language learning opportunities. Therefore, a new position of Director for Digital Education has been created in Multilingua. We also regularly train our teachers and offer them the opportunity to participate in a personal and professional development program.

This year, the Multilingua Language Centre, with the co-support of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), established contacts with the UK company Perfectly Spoken. This is an e-learning environment offering English language courses. Enabling either independent language learning or also ‘combined’ English learning – where the online platform supports and complements the learning materials developed in the classroom with a Multilingua teacher.

A cooperation agreement between Multilingua and Perfectly Spoken has now been concluded and  we hope for an evolving collaboration to offer our clients even wider opportunities for learning English online, where constantly improved modern learning materials are suitable for both beginners (at A1 level) and to a higher language levels (including C2 language level).

Hannela Tamagno
Multilingua Language Centre project manager

Graduation event at AKA rooftop

An online brokerage event for companies from China, Europe and further

The Chinese Enterprise Europe Network partners are organizing an online matchmaking event for companies in Europe, China (Henan) and other countries around the world to create new profitable business contacts as part of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Event-focuses on industries:

Car parts
Agriculture and the food industry
Medical care
Construction and building materials
Manufacture of machinery
Environmental protection
Public transport
Entertainment equipment
Electronics and electrical equipment
Cross-border e-commerce
Additional information and registration is open until 17.12.2021 at