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Riga Food 2020 – food fair and b2b matchmaking event

The Riga Food Fair and its B2B contact meetings offer an opportunity to establish new useful business contacts for food industry professionals looking for potential partners from Latvia and other countries to ensure sustainable development and growth of the company.

Come and participate in contracts with manufacturers, establish contacts with subcontractors, get useful information for running and developing the company, and the latest information on the sector.

Riga Food 2020 is a place for food enthusiasts and all those interested in the food industry.

The contact meeting event is free, registration is open until 01.09.2020. Participants can create up to 10 product or technology profiles that you want to introduce / market.
More information and registration:

Due to the recent development of Covid-19 (corona virus) and the insecure situation at the moment around the world, we will arrange the meetings virtually from September 7th-9th. This will allow you to have your meetings online instead of on-site. One day, September 10th, there will be on-site meetings for those who will attend the exhibition. If there will be some changes, all participants will be informed!


Technology and business cooperation meetings – web platform (Hannover Fair)

The Hannover Messe 2020 was canceled this year, but the popular business-to-business meetings planned will despite take place. Come and create new useful business contacts in B2B meetings at your office desk in video conferencing format, all you need is a computer and a microphone / camera.

Focus areas:

Industry 4.0 and smart industry solutions

Resource and energy efficient production technologies

Sustainable energy and mobility

Measuring instruments

Creating a profile and participating in a B2B event is free of charge. Registration deadline 30.06.2020. Approval of meetings until noon  7th July 2020. More information:

Angel chairs help Palms Art stretch its wings

Karin Palm, the founder and board member of Palms Art Group OÜ, was at home with her little girl when the need arose for a set of chairs and tables so that her daughter could start creating her first masterpieces. Since there was nothing special to be found in the retail network, the idea was to make the furniture by herself, using the motifs of angel wings. “Angels are symbols of brightness, tenderness and goodness in our cultural space, so such furniture is suitable for every little girl. When you watch your small one sitting calmly in that chair, a feeling of brightness develops in the heart, “said Karin Palm with satisfaction.

It all started with a chair
Initially, a chair, table and mini cabinet were developed. In order to ensure environmental friendliness and to ensure that the chair had the smallest possible footprint during transport, a folding chair had to be created that customers could easily assemble. The development of the chair took a total of 9 months, but as a result, fasteners were created that hold the plywood backrest and seat plate firmly together. The durability of the connections created were tested even in the high-level TalTech Materials Technology Laboratory, where the properties of the furniture were tested in every way with the help of a robot. In the future, there are plans to develop more products, all of which are currently only on paper, because additional financial resources are needed to develop the products.

Sales take place mainly in Estonia
Today, Palms Art Group OÜ main customers are in Estonia. Recently, the online department store was added to its sales channels, which helped to expand to Finland. The idea is to expand also to other parts of Europe, Germany and Spain are in their target, but transport charges still need to be optimized. At the moment, their attention is on finding a favorable intra-European transport company, adding user convenience to the e-shop, finding new cooperation partners / resellers both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world, and finding financial resources that can be used to further develop new products.

“Our intention is to extend the joy to every home through beautiful children’s furniture with angel wings, in addition, we contribute to inspiring social media and blog posts,” says Palm with a bright eye. “The desire is to help people think more positively and rediscover simple things for themselves, such as joy and laughter from the heart, being grateful for small things, etc. In our product descriptions we have promised that angel-winged furniture makes the whole family brighter and the home more harmonious. Who can you be angry when a child is sitting on a chair, wearing angel wings ?! ”

EEN Network helped to find the necessary contacts
“When we were looking for a reliable manufacturer of Wings by Palms Art furniture with angel wings, we collided with high production prices and realized that in order to achieve a better sales price, we had to look outside Estonia. Thanks to the EEN Network and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Palms Art Group OÜ established its first contacts with a Latvian furniture manufacturer. Today, having developed into a very good relationship: the cooperation is full of trust and the products are of very high quality as they should be for “angels”, “said Palm, commenting on the EEN network.

Palms Art Group OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital, whose brand Wings by Palms Art, created in 2018, designs and sells children’s furniture.

In Tallinn, you can find their products in the Balti Jaama Café So Brooklyn, Sweetheart play and party studio and children’s Café Domino.
Buy from e-shops;;

Japan’s approach to world-class production – study visit in autumn. Deadline for participation 01.07.2020

The study tour introduces the principles of how Japanese companies achieve high production standards.
The best production companies will be visited, including a real GEMBA (production based in Japan) to get acquainted with the top leaders of Japanese industry and the latest trends.

Time of the visit: 16.-20. November 2020 (virtual formats possible as an alternative)

Deadline for requests to participate: 2 July 2020

The 5-day world-class manufacturing training mission provides an in-depth analysis of Japanese manufacturing methodologies and is aimed exclusively at EU managers with engineering backgrounds and knowledge of WCM (World-Class Manufacturing). The training course consists of lectures, workshops and visits to the world’s most advanced Japanese factories, you can talk directly to their production managers and observe the effective implementation of production methods. This course provides participants with a detailed overview of current Japanese approaches that they may wish to adapt to their companies.

Participation is free. In addition, SMEs can apply for a grant of € 600.
More information:

New foreign partners without leaving Estonia – Enterprise Europe Network. Webinar on 17.06.2020

We invite you to participate in a practical training, where we introduce the possibilities of the Enterprise Europe Network to find foreign partners without leaving the work desk.


June 17, 2020 from 10:00 to 12:00 in Zoom. We will send the participation link to those who have registered by e-mail.

The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is a support network for entrepreneurs that spans over 66 countries and provides the necessary business information in your destination countries or to make new contacts with entrepreneurs. At the heart of our training is the introduction of success story of two entrepreneurs who, through the EEN Network, made useful contacts in Latvia and Japan.

During the training we follow the real format of the EEN service offer, where we introduce:
1. entrepreneur’s story / desire to find a partner;
2. explanations from the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to find the necessary information or partner;
3. we give the floor to the foreign contact person of EEN, who introduces the possibilities offered by them and who helped the entrepreneur to find the necessary information / establish contact.

During the training are present, 2 Estonian companies and the EEN team from Estonia and further away (Kadri Raik from Estonia, Jekaterina Vanaga from Latvia, Alessandro Perna from Japan) will share their story and discuss.

Entrepreneur stories:

Palms Art Group OÜ – children’s furniture manufacturer and exporter,
Artisan Honey OÜ – Estonian honey producer and exporter,