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Elmia Subcontractor Connect 2020

Find your industrial business partner today!

Subcontractor Connect 2020 is the right meeting place for purchasers, R&D managers and suppliers from all of Europe. Through short, effective and individually adapted business meetings, you can build the foundation for tomorrow’s valuable business deals.

Register for our online event today and find your potential business partner!

This popular event is attended each year by various outsourcers, R&D leaders and suppliers from all over Europe to discuss new technologies and innovative solutions and make new useful business contacts. Participation in pre-booked b2b meetings allows you to meet companies in the automotive, construction, equipment, trucks / buses, medical, furniture and other general industries.
In previous years, companies such as Volvo Cars, Scania, CERN, Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing, Fläkt Woods, SKF, etc. have participated as buyers.

Registration is open until 13.11.2020. More information:

Smart City Brokerage Event and Smart City Live 2020

In an innovative format, the event takes place completely digitally. On the first day, it will be televised broadcast television show on day one with interviews, discussions and success stories focusing on how COVID-19 has affected cities and defines the normality of citizens. The second day’s program includes seminars, workshops and side events to discuss how to meet the challenges of the short-term impact of the pandemic.

Main topics:

Future challenges for urban mobility
Technology to solve urban problems and health crises
Transforming cities and urban life
Challenges and opportunities for economic recovery
Flexible infrastructures and the urban environment for better rehabilitation
The future of retail in the digital age

Registration is open until 09.11.2020. More information

ONLINE Free From Functional & Health Ingredients and Free From Expo Packaging

The international online matchmaking event will focus on manufacturers, traders and retail, food service, health and consumer goods stores around the world who are active- or are interested in ‘free-from’ foods such as gluten, lactose, soya, sugar, fat – free products, etc.

The exhibition also focuses on the topic of “free from” in the field of – plastic and packaging, food ingredients and functional food. Registration is open until 26.11.2020, more information


DRONETECH 2020: B2B Virtual Matchmaking Event


A Matchmaking Event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. 25 minutes business meetings are usually enough to build connections.

Usually Matchmaking Events are organised on the occassion of the conferences and exhibitions. This year, because of the insecure situation connected with Covid-19 a lot of them are arranged virtual – as the <<< DRONETECH 2020 >>>B2B Virtual Matchmaking Event. At the same time your potential to establish cooperation is not lower than it would be if the Matchmaking Event went on-site.

Due to the fact that Matchaking Events are now available online searching business cooperation becomes easier than it was ever before. Why? Because you can arrange and attend meetings without leaving home or office. You save your time and money! At the same time your potential to establish cooperation is not lower than it would be if the Matchmaking Event went on-site.

The DroneTech World Meeting trade fair are organised for the fifth time with a great history of joining in an international group of investors, entrepreneurs, scientists and enthusiasts of everything related to the latest unmanned technology.


* drones production and distribution;
* drones schools and services;
* drones equipment and spare parts;
* public administration;
* police, fire departments, rescue;
* security;
* wind and photovoltaic farms;
* modern agriculture and forestry;
* humanitarian sector;
* photography, aerial imaging, cinematography;
* consulting;
* all other interested in the field of drone technology i.e. unmanned aircrafts and overland vehicles;


1st Matchmaking session – 6 November 2020 – 10.00 a.m.-15.00 p.m.

2nd Matchmaking session – 7 November 2020 – 10.00 a.m.-15.00 p.m.

Registration open until 30.10.2020. More details:

Asking feedback on the effects of the coronavirus and supply chain disruptions

The coronavirus pandemic has caused an unprecedented slowdown in the world economy. It has had a particularly severe impact on small and medium-sized enterprises, threatening business and often causing supply chain disruptions. The information gathered through the questionnaire will help the European Commission to design its recovery policy. The responses collected will be used by the European Commission’s Rapid Alert System, which aims to solve supply chain problems for European companies.
Answer the questionnaire →

Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Forum

The aim of the forum is to introduce the foreign companies with Latvia’s developments in mechanical engineering and to spur their international growth. We are inviting companies to explore the opportunities in the vibrant engineering sector of Latvia by either establishing a business or sourcing new suppliers from Latvia.

The programme includes presentations by distinguished foreign and local engineering industry experts on topics like the future of engineering, industry 4.0., robotics and supplier networks in Latvia.

Registration until 25. November. More information:

  • All the events will be strictly regulated according to the Convid-19 global situation. The procedure of the Forum might proceed also in a form of webinar or online conference instead of on-site attendance;
  • This event is aimed exclusively for attracting foreign buyers.