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Archive for June, 2013

Kadrina School of Arts

The Kadrina School of Arts was contacted by a Czech company Drumatic, which produces sheet music for drums and percussion instruments. Drumatic found information on the potential users of sheet music in Estonia via their local representative of the Enterprise Europe Network to whom the Chamber sent the respective information.

At the same time the Kadrina School of Arts was looking for someone who produces sheet music especially for learning percussion instruments, and were unsuccessful in finding such company on the Estonian market. The companies saw a great opportunity for cooperation and soon Drumatic started making sheet music for the School of Arts.

“Via the Enterprise Europe Network it was easy to establish contacts with the producer of sheet music. Thanks to the Network we found an opportunity to introduce sheet music for percussion instruments, which are not made in Estonia.”

Protex Balti AS

Protex Balti AS is a producer of jersey and textile products, technical textiles and furniture fabrics that contacted the Chamber of Commerce with the wish to find new clients in Scandinavia. With the help of the Chamber a profile describing the cooperation wish of Protex Balti was prepared and then distributed in Scandinavia via the Enterprise Europe Network database.

Swedish company Znok Design was interested in the profile and at the same time Protex Balti also read the Swedish company’s profile. After both companies had expressed their interest in each other, the representatives of the Network intermediated the contacts.

Protex Balti found a new client for whom children’s clothing, women’s skirts and men’s shirts are produced. The Swedish company in turn was able to increase the volume of products.