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Archive for March, 2021

Virtual IT and ICT Collaboration Day 2021: workshops, B2B meetings

You are welcome to a collaboration event that brings together companies, R&D institutions, investors and other audiences from around the world. It is a unique opportunity to make new profitable business contacts, find employees, exchange information and gain experience in the latest market trends in the IT sector.

Key topics

The future of ICT (artificial intelligence, blockchain, drones, IoT, cyber security, AR&VR)
Software (big data, machine learning, data analysis, mobile applications)
Hardware (embedded systems, human interfaces, sensors, 3D printing)
Value chain (business development, R&D, testing and analysis)
IT / ICT services (Fintech, e-health, e-commerce, outsourcing)

Why participate?
Buyer / Buyer – Find qualified suppliers
As a solution provider – find new international customers
As a product developer – find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions.

Additional information and registration until 16.05.2021 at

Brokerage event: Smart Manufacturing

The brokerage event provides an opportunity to meet companies, research centers, public sector representatives and other stakeholders working in the field of smart manufacturing and industry 4.0. Participants will also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest high technologies, the innovation needs of institutions and cities, as well as new applications from SMEs and the technical challenges of large companies. In addition to B2B meetings, there will be virtual visits, a webinar and other exciting content.

Key topics

Advanced production solution: automatic material handling systems, caves
Manufacture of additives
Agriculture 4.0
Artificial intelligence and machine learning for industrial applications
Social media data management applications
Virtual / augmented reality / mixed reality applications in industry
Autonomous production
Autonomous robot
Big data analysis
Cyberphysical systems
Cyber ​​security
Cloud technologies
The digital twin
Environmental sustainability
Human – machine interfaces
Horizontal and vertical integration
Industrial Internet of Things
Open data and public innovation
Preventive maintenance
Simulation between interconnected machines
System integration

Additional information and registration is open until 11.05.2021 at

Cross-border trade when different requirements apply to products in the Member States

In the European Union, a new mutual recognition regulation 2019/515 entered into force in 2020. The general principle of mutual recognition requires EU Member States to allow freely on their market a product lawfully marketed in another Member State, even if the requirements imposed on them in the country of destination differ. The principle thus offers businesses the opportunity to enter new European markets without having to change their products. The principle facilitates cross-border trade of Estonian companies to the EU in the case of products whose requirements have been partially harmonized or not harmonized in Europe, such as furniture, fertilizers, some construction products.

The Mutual Recognition Regulation proposes a number of new solutions to help to promote exports in the EU:

The new regulation allows the trader to draw up and forward to the competent authority a voluntary declaration of mutual recognition of the lawful marketing of the goods. The declaration helps businesses to prove that the goods are legally marketed in another Member State. At the same time, it assists the competent authorities supervising the technical requirements of the products in assessing the goods. The competent authority of the Member State of destination must inform the trader if it intends to assess whether the goods in question are lawfully marketed in another Member State. Where an economic operator submits a declaration of mutual recognition to the competent authority of the Member State of destination, the competent authority shall not require any information or evidence other than that required by the Regulation to verify that the goods are lawfully marketed in another Member State.
If an economic operator wishes to challenge a decision taken by a competent authority under the Mutual Recognition Regulation to place a product on the market, he has the possibility to contact the SOLVIT network. Through SOLVIT, EU businesses can solve out-of-court problems that arise when an authority in another Member State does not apply EU internal market law correctly. SOLVIT aims to find solutions within 10 weeks, from the day the SOLVIT center took up problem in the country where the problem arose. If SOLVIT does not solve the problem, the SOLVIT center can ask the European Commission for an opinion under the Mutual Recognition Regulation. In that case, the time limit shall be extended by 45 days.
Businesses have the opportunity to contact the Product Contact Point, which provides information on the application of national technical barriers to products imposed by Member States and the principle of mutual recognition. Product Contact Points respond to inquiries within 15 business days. The contact points do not charge a fee for answering inquiries.
Additional information on mutual recognition, the SOLVIT network, as well as topics related to the CE marking will be available at the information day of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on March 30 -pohimote-and-ce-margis.

Additional information: product contact point

Software days – workshops, B2B meetings, pitching for investors

You are welcome to take part in the top event “The Future of Digital Business – Software Days”, which presents exciting presentations from speakers such as Ericsson, SAAB, LinkedIn, Amazon, IEEE, the City of Vienna and many others.
The focus topics of the workshops are 5G, cyber security, artificial intelligence and ethics, data visualization, finding developers, software patents, UX, SaaS Export and much more. Start-up ideas can be pitched in front of 50 international investors. Or come and find a “needle in a haystack” – at B2B meetings with new potential business partners.

Additional information and registration is open until 05.05.2021 at

Connect Day: connecting start-ups with companies and investors

The aim of this event is to connect international start-ups with companies. Companies that are interested in innovation and are interested in cooperating with, among others, start-ups are welcome to participate, as well as investors who are looking for investment opportunities in cooperation with start-ups.

The Enterprise Europe Network joins forces with the Austrian Global Incubator Network (GIN), Austrian Economic Services, Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Vienna Business Agency, Austrian Chamber of Commerce, aws i2 business angels and INiTS, Vienna High Technology Incubator and others.

The aim is to invite foreign start-ups who are interested in discussing cooperation opportunities with Austrian- and other European country companies.

Participation is open to anyone interested in cooperation between start-ups and companies. B2B meetings are limited to specific audiences. Participation is free.

Additional information and registration is open until 30.04.2021 at