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Riga Food Fair brokerage event 2021

You are welcome to visit the largest international food fair in the Baltic States, Riga Food, to get acquainted
developments and news in the food industry, as well as to establish new contacts with interesting and reliable companies. Last year, more than 700 companies from 35 countries, including 12 state exhibition stands and more than 37,500 visitors and professionals from 40 countries presented food, beverages, food processing, technology, packaging, catering, hotel and shop equipment and services.

Biocontrol agents
Beverage technology
Food additives / ingredients / functional foods
Food packaging / handling
Food processing
Food technology
Detection and analysis methods
Food microbiology / toxicology / quality control
Safe production methods
Food traceability

Additional information and registration free of charge is open until 10.09.2021 at

Horizon Europe Accelerator – product development and market support for an innovative company

At the beginning of 2021, a new European Union Research and Innovation framework program was launched, called Horizon Europe. This is the ninth Framework Program, which largely follows on from the funding measures developed under Horizon 2020.

The European Horizon is the largest framework program to date, with a proposed budget of € 95.5 billion. Most of the funding is aimed at developing research infrastructure and industrial technologies and addressing societal challenges. But it also has a strong place to support innovative businesses and SMEs.

To this end, a measure called the EIC Accelerator has been developed, which will continue the work of the previous SME Instrument and was already piloted in 2019-2020. Despite the high international competition, several Estonian companies were successful in this measure. A total of 16 Estonian companies received financing in the total amount of over 23.3 million euros. Lingvist, Monese, Skeleton Technologies, Cybernetica, 1OT and Icosagen Cell Factory have received support from well-known companies.

The EIC Accelerator project funds late-stage product development projects aimed at developing a marketable product or service. This requires prototype development, testing, piloting and scaling of production processes. Up to 2.5 million euros can be received for product development.

As a new option, EIC Accelerator projects also offer equity financing to cover the costs of launching and marketing a product. In addition, it allows for additional investments to expand the company’s business development activities. In total, up to 15 million euros can be obtained as an investment.

When considering your application, it is definitely worth bearing in mind the high competition aspect mentioned above. Namely, it is a pan-European funding, so all European companies apply together and on an equal footing. As a result, the average success rate among applicants was around 2%.

Therefore, before making an application, we would recommend that you seriously consider the following four points to determine your company’s eligibility for this measure:

  1. You have an innovative product or technology that has a significant competitive advantage in the market
  2. You have a tested prototype to prove the feasibility of this technology
  3. You are solving an important problem at European level
  4. You can prove the market demand and you have received the first pilot customers
    If you find that all of these prerequisites are met, applying for EIC Accelerator funding is a great opportunity for you.

The application process has two phases. The first phase short projects are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Projects that have reached the second phase will have the opportunity to submit a full application by the deadline of their choice. In 2021, 2 second phase deadlines have been opened and the next one is on 06.10.2021. 4 second phase deadlines have already been opened next year, the dates of which are still to be specified.

Invent Baltics, is a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network and has very extensive expertise of this measure and has successfully helped 38 companies across Europe to receive this support measure. The evaluation of your project idea and the initial consultation on the suitability of the measure is within the Enterprise Europe Network free of charge.

Silver Toomla
Managing partner
Invent Baltics OÜ
Teaduspargi 6/1
Tallinn, 12618
mobile: +372 51 71 781
skype ID: silvertoomla

GAME WAVE FESTIVAL 2021: gaming industry workshops and B2B meetings

You are welcome to attend a gaming industry conference, exhibition, gaming jam, B2B meetings, job market and experience many more exciting things.

The fully on-site gaming industry festival features special playgrounds at XR, mobile and board games.
Beginners are offered to improve their knowledge at the conference, get acquainted with new technologies and games on display, games made in real time during the 48-hour game bubble, new career opportunities, skills testing with games, etc.
The event gives those working in the field the opportunity to participate in exhibitions, the labor market and contact meetings to find new partners, employees, learn about new technologies, solutions and trends.

Computer games
Computer hardware
Serious games
Visualization, virtual reality
Toys and electronic games

Additional information and registration open until 15.09.2021 at
Participation is free of charge.

Fastener Poland 2021: trade fair and brokerage event

You are welcome to participate and establish new profitable contacts with leading manufacturers and distributors in the machinery, aerospace, automotive, energy, shipbuilding, joinery, furniture and household appliances industries.
At the same time, 2 additional events are taking place: the International Fair of Powder and Bulk Materials Technologies SYMAS® and the International Fair of Maintenance Products and Services. In addition, presentations, seminars, workshops and a conference will take place.
B2B meetings take place in parallel on-site at the trade fair and online.

B2B event topics:
Industrial fasteners
Design fastenings
Assembly and installation systems
Fastener manufacturing technology
Storage, marketing, factory equipment
Information and communication

Registration is open until 18.10.2021 and additional information could be found on homepage: