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OÜ TMB Element is one of the leading producers of precast reinforced concrete elements in the Baltic states. OÜ TMB Element offers production of pre-cast reinforced concrete elements, design and installation of concrete elements.

They participated in Enterprise Europe Network Matchmaking event in Stockholm, Sweden during the NORDBYGG 2014 Fair and based on the successful contacts they made with Hangaren Bostad I Sverige AB  a large order on building the flats in Stockholm has been agreed on.

Sales and Marketing Director  of TMB Element OÜ Mai Mitt evaluates the results of the fair well.

„We have received one of the biggest orders to built flats in Stockholm thank to the direct contacts we have made in the Fair. In addition to that we have succeeded to make new contacts with several Swedish property and building companies and already following meetings have been taken place. We have developed relations with our old and new customers in Sweden. Some new projects are already on table“.


Mai Mitt
Sales and Marketing Director
TMB Element OÜ

OÜ Loodusvägi

OÜ Loodusvägi is dedicated to developing, producing and marketing Estonian organic products in Estonia and Scandinavia.

The Chamber of Commerce invited Loodusvägi to participate in the food sector business trip to Denmark. As a part of the visit, a contact meetings event was organised in cooperation with the representatives of the Enterprise Europe Network, during which Loodusvägi met with the Danish company Biogan – an importer and wholeseller of organic and health products.

The companies continued communication and soon a cooperation was concluded. As a result, Biogan started importing the organic wild blueberry-blackcurrant glogg produced by Loodusvägi.

As a result of the visit, Loodusvägi obtained more of the necessary information in legal matters as well as regarding the market situation, increasing its turnover. Biogan in turn increased its product portfolio.

Chemi-Pharm AS

Chemi-Pharm AS is developing, producing and marketing disinfectants, detergents and special care products. In 2012, the product portfolio was updated with exclusive cosmetics.

They contacted the Chamber with the wish to expand the client base of the company. After the search in the Enterprise Europe Network database, the Chamber sent the profiles of potential clients-distributors to the company from among which Chemi-Pharm chose a Slovenian company.

After contacting, the companies reached an agreement that the Slovenian company will be selling Chemi-Pharm’s products as a result of which the Estonian company entered a new market.