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European Research and Innovation Days 23.-24. June 2021

Join live sessions with interesting speakers talking about the future of European research and innovation, and Horizon Europe, the new European research and innovation funding programme.

Create your own programme choosing from all the live sessions available, ranging from high-level plenaries to immersive panel discussions on topics such as the post-COVID-19 recovery, the European Research Area, digitalisation, our green future and more. More information and registration here

Napo in “Lighten the Load”: recalling simple truths about how to prevent common health problems caused by work

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are the most common work-related health problem in Europe. Despite considerable efforts to prevent them, back and upper limb pain are the most common. Musculoskeletal disorders are a problem not only for individual workers but also for businesses, the economy and society, being one of the most common causes of incapacity for work, sick leave and early retirement.

Napo (lead by EU-OSHA) is a humorous series of short films (eg to be used at employees’ intranet etc) where the main character Napo faces different work situations (in office, at construction site, etc.), recalling simple truths about how to prevent common health problems caused by work, such as back and upper limb pain. Napo films are found here →

Exhibition and brokerage event: opportunities for cooperation with Qatari production companies

You are welcome to participate in the brokerage event, where the production opportunities of Qatari companies will be introduced and opportunities will be created for international companies to get acquainted and find interesting cooperation opportunities with leading Qatari producers.
Importers, wholesalers, distributors and companies from the following sectors are invited to participate:
• Construction, building materials, chemicals and electrical equipment
• Plastics and packaging
• Chemical products
• Food and drink
• Paper products
• ICT services
• Pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical equipment

Target group: Manufacturers, developers, engineers, component suppliers, system suppliers, maintenance service providers, agents, distributors, service providers, start-ups, subcontractors, hotel, restaurant and fruit and vegetable suppliers, pharmaceutical resellers and more.

Registration is open until 14.07.2021 at:

Cosmetics Ingredients and Biotechnology Brokerage Event: COSM’ING 2021

COSM’NG is an international event focusing on cosmetic ingredients and biotechnologies, providing in-depth knowledge of the latest technological developments and opportunities for stakeholders to work together.
Biotechnology has been behind groundbreaking innovations in the active ingredients in cosmetics for decades.

B2B event offers the opportunity to promote your research and / or business, find a supplier of ingredients and raw materials, create new partnerships for R&D projects, find buyers and / or resellers or new funding opportunities, and explore technology transfer opportunities.

Technology and market keywords:
Pharmaceuticals, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals
Care, hygiene, beauty
Clinical trials, research
Biology / biotechnology, micro- and nanotechnology
Agricultural and marine biotechnology
Health and beauty aids

Participation fee 100 €, using EEN discount code -25% (code: EEN_DISCOUNT). Registration is open until 30.06:

European-China (Shandong) Export Commodities Brokerage Event

The COVID-19 crisis has made it more difficult to travel and hold business meetings, but it is still important for European companies to stay in touch and discover new business opportunities.
You are welcome to take part in an online brokerage event organized by the Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the EU SME Center to promote cooperation between Chinese and European companies.

Shandong is a coastal province in eastern China that is a prominent maritime economic center and one of the largest producers of agricultural products, livestock and fisheries. Shandong Province is also known as the most important production center for Chinese light and heavy industry. It is the second most populous province in China, with a population of 100.7 million and an area of ​​157,100 km².

European companies looking for Chinese suppliers in the following sectors are invited to participate: hardware and construction materials, mechatronics, agricultural products and food, home appliances, healthcare, etc.

More information could be found here:
Registration is open until June 18, 2021 at: https: // bcecc .be / shandong-export-commodities-b2b-matchmaking /

Brokerage event in the food industry: creating cooperation with Ibero-American companies and further

The aim of the event is to establish new international partnerships within interested food companies to create new cooperate with the Ibero-American region, focusing on cooperation in research and innovation, as well as trade, imports and exports. The Ibero-American region refers in particular to Brazil, Mexico, Portugal and Spain.

More information and registration open until June 29: