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    Japan’s top high-tech graduates seek traineeships in EU companies – cooperation on development projects and knowledge of Japanese business culture

    | Bretagne France

    OPEN de l’international 2024: brokerage event with more than 1000 FR companies

    | Turin Italy

    Torino Sport & Fashion Match 2024 brokerage event


    See all upcoming international brokerage events here

    | USA & online

    Space Tech Expo USA: space industry brokerage event and conference 

    | Latvia

    The biggest Baltic conference on deep technologies – from scientific excellence to market success

    | Spain/online

    IoT international conference and business meetings

    | online

    Textile Connect 2024: online meetings for the textile industry

    | Germany & online

    Hybrid meetings for technology and business cooperation at Hannover Fair 2024

    | Paris France and online

    JECWorld 2024: Composite Materials Fair and Brokerage Event

    | Vaasa Finland and online

    EnergyWeek 2024: Conference and brokerage event in Finland

    | Germany and online

    The future of food and sustainable food technology solutions @Anuga FoodTec: trade fair and B2B meetings

    | online

    Transforming industry through artificial intelligence and the circular economy: online conference and B2B meetings

    | Austria & online

    CIMIx2024: Creative industries brokerage event

    | Ireland & online

    “MEET THE BUYER” food and nutrition: an event for producers and retailers

    | Germany & online

    Grüne Woche trade fair and business meetings: modern agriculture and nutrition

    | Tartu Estonia

    sTARTUp Day 2024 conference, B2B meetings, seminars

    | Kraków Poland and online

    HORECA, Gastrofood, Enoexpo 2023: catering and hotel sector meetings

    | Innsbruck Austria and online

    Timber and construction 2023: conference and brokerage event

    | Hertogenbosch Netherland and online

    Precision Technology Fair & Brokerage Event

    | Amsterdam Netherlands and online

    Health products brokerage event

    | Denmark

    Nordic Innovation Fair and brokerage event

    | Madrid Spain

    Farmaforum 2023: forum, exhibition, brokerage event

    | Aarhus Denmark

    Food and Bio Global Summit, conference and matchmaking

    | Florence Italy

    International forum on bioeconomy and biotechnology: forum and matchmaking

    | online

    Textile Connect 2023: online brokerage event

    | Spain/ online

    FEINDEF 2023 Defence & Security Brokerage Event

    | Austria/ online

    The future of digital business: software workshops, brokerage event

    | Online

    JECworld 2023: composites trade fair and matchmaking event

    | Finland/ online

    Vaasa EnergyWeek brokerage event in Finland and web platform

    | France/ online

    Global Industry Fair and Industry 4.0 brokerage event

    | Belgium/ online

    HealthTech Summit 2023: health technology conference and B2B meetings

    | Tartu Estonia

    sTARTUp Day: the biggest business festival in the Baltics

    | Zaragoza Spain/ online

    SMAGUA 2023: water/ environment trade fair and B2B event

    | Brno Czech Republic/ online

    INDUSTRY 4.0: conference and brokerage event in Brno

    | online

    US-Europe webinar and brokerage event: water and energy

    | Bolzano Italy/ online

    SFSCon: Free Software Conference and Meetup

    | online workshops, B2B

    GLOBAL FOODTURE: promoting food cooperation with Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand

    | Barcelona/ online

    Smart city challenges: exhibition and B2B meetings

    | Tallinn Tallink Spa Conference hotel

    GAME WAVE FESTIVAL: game industry exhibition, conference and B2B meetings in Tallinn

    | Copenhagen

    Nordic Innovation Fair 2022: brokerage event for early-stage technologies

    | online

    Smart manufacturing and industry 4.0 matchmaking event

    | Riga Latvia/ online

    RIGA FOOD 2022 – food fair and hybrid matchmaking event

    | Vilnius Lithuania

    BALTTECHNIKA 2022: engineering and technology exhibition and matchmaking event

    | OPEN: March-December 2022

    Supply chain resilience online platform now OPEN – create new international contacts

    | Registration deadline

    Opportunities to promotion in Japan

    | Online, Bosnia And Herzegovina

    | Registration open until 20.04.22

    Med2Meet 2022: virtual health care brokerage platform


    Textile Connect 2022: textile and footwear brokerage platform


    Speed-Match 2022: brokerage platform for the aviation, rail and automotive industries

    | Poland/ online

    INNOFORM 2022: Tool and plastics processing fair and brokerage event

    | Application deadline!

    “Get ready for Japan” 2-week virtual training program in May

    | online/ Germany

    IPEC 2022: AI and Sustainability Conference and brokerage event

    | online

    Virtual brokerage event and exhibition with Qatari and international companies

    | Las Vegas

    ENRICH Silicon Valley Financing and Investing Event in the USA (CES 2022 International Fair)

    | online/ Belgium

    Life-on-Chip personalized medicine brokerage event

    | Online/ Dubai

    Workshops, networking events and B2B meetings in Dubai @World Expo 2020

    | online

    An online brokerage event for companies from China, Europe and further

    | Turin Italy / online


    | Madrid Spain

    Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biotechnology, laboratory materials and sanitary biotechnology: trade fair, forum and B2B matchmaking event

    | Madrid, Spain

    Exhibition and B2B meetings in the field of industrial hygiene and cleaning: Hygienalia 2021

    | South-Korea and online

    Hydrogen exhibition, forum and matchmaking event: H2-World

    | Barcelona, ​​Spain

    Smart City and Future Mobility Congress and B2B matchmaking event

    | Riga Latvia

    Latvian Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Conference and B2B matchmaking event for foreign buyers

    | Denmark / online

    Ocean Plastic online B2B Matchmaking Event

    | Online event (Riga)

    Riga Food Fair brokerage event 2021

    | Jurmala Latvia

    GAME WAVE FESTIVAL 2021: gaming industry workshops and B2B meetings

    | Krakow, Poland

    Fastener Poland 2021: trade fair and brokerage event

    | online

    Brokerage event at Turin Fashion Week 2021

    | online

    Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 – B2B Meetings @Smart Manufacturing 2021

    | online

    Exhibition and brokerage event: opportunities for cooperation with Qatari production companies

    | online

    Cosmetics Ingredients and Biotechnology Brokerage Event: COSM’ING 2021

    | online

    European-China (Shandong) Export Commodities Brokerage Event

    | online

    Brokerage event in the food industry: creating cooperation with Ibero-American companies and further

    | Poland (virtual)

    Virtual IT and ICT Collaboration Day 2021: workshops, B2B meetings

    | Italy (virtual)

    Brokerage event: Smart Manufacturing

    | Austria (virtual)

    Software days – workshops, B2B meetings, pitching for investors

    | Austria (virtual)

    Connect Day: connecting start-ups with companies and investors

    | Malta (virtual)

    Re-Engineering Manufacturing & Retail for the New Norm

    | Germany (virtual)

    Hannover Technology and Business Cooperation B2B matchmaking event

    | Germany (virtual)

    Sustainable packaging – international market for ideas and B2B matchmaking event

    | Japan (virtual)

    Japan Food and Beverage Days, B2B matchmaking event


    Free From Food Asia – quality food webinars and B2B meetings

    | Qatar (virtual)

    Qatar virtual matchmaking event

    | France (virtual)

    Virtual conference and matchmaking event – biomass processes and technologies “BIOKET”

    | Austria (virtual)

    International conference of machine and factory technology, plus matchmaking event “Factory of the future”

    | Belgium (virtual)

    Life-on-Chip Health Technologies Conference and matchmaking event

    | Slovenia (virtual)

    Innovation and digitalization for tourism businesses: conferences, workshops and B2B meetings

    | Austria (virtual)

    Future of Construction, conference and matchmaking event

    | Toulouse France

    Water trade fair CYCL’EAU and B2B matchmaking event

    | Graz Germany

    HTH Styria 2021: healthcare sector partnership event, B2B meetings and pitching

    | Leipzig Germany

    CONTACT: B2B meetings for mechanical engineering, manufacturing, automation, supplies

    | online

    Elmia Subcontractor Connect 2020

    | online

    Smart City Brokerage Event and Smart City Live 2020


    ONLINE Free From Functional & Health Ingredients and Free From Expo Packaging


    DRONETECH 2020: B2B Virtual Matchmaking Event

    | Riga Latvia

    Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Forum

    | Paris, France

    SIAL 2020 – B2B meetings for food industry buyers and suppliers


    STOM 2020: virtual B2B meetings in the field of metals and machinery


    INNOVATION VILLAGE: virtual B2B meetings on sustainable development, circular economy and smart energy


    MEDICA: Virtual Healthcare Matchmaking Event

    | Latvia + online

    Riga Food 2020 – food fair and b2b matchmaking event

    | online meeting

    Technology and business cooperation meetings – web platform (Hannover Fair)

    | Japan

    Japan’s approach to world-class production – study visit in autumn. Deadline for participation 01.07.2020

    | B2B European collaboration platform - OPEN

    Care & Industry together against CORONA


    Overview of the Important Amendments Related to the Emergency Situation


    See, Which Tax Amendments Are Planned To Alleviate the Crisis


    Win: Chamber prevented increase of administrative burden on companies in relation to posted workers


    Maintaining a healthy workplace and work relations during the coronavirus outbreak


    Request a Confirmation Letter or Advice Regarding Force Majeure


    What Should Employers Consider In Employment Relations During The Times Of COVID-19?

    | Oslo Norway

    Nordic Energy Vehicles Summit and matchmaking

    | Hannover Germany

    Hannover Industrial Fair and matchmaking event

    | Vaasa Finland

    Vaasa Energy Week seminars and matchmaking

    | London United Kingdom

    Futurebuild Matchmaking 2020: Building Expo and B2B meetings

    | Amsterdam Netherlands

    EU Fashion Match 9.0 @Modefabriek in Amsterdam

    | Nantes France

    Biogas, wood energy, waste / solid biomass: 3 trade fairs and B2B event in France

    | Turku Finland

    Nordic Maritime Expo NaviGate and matchmaking event

    | Rome Italy

    New Space Economy 2019: Conference, Exhibition, Brokerage Event

    | Vilnius Lithuania

    Matchmaking event for the game industry: GameOn 2019

    | Gormanston Ireland

    Food Meet the Buyer & Matchmaking Event

    | Den Bosch Netherlands

    AgriFoodTech 2019: trade fair, congress, B2B

    | Helsinki Finland

    Match Up – The XR matchmaking event as SLUSH pre-event

    | Shanghai China

    B2B Matchmaking meeting between Henan Provincial Companies with EU companies

    | Jönköping Sweden

    Subcontractor connect 2019 at ELMIA fair

    | Qingdao China

    EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair (Qingdao)

    | Malmö Sweden

    Organic Food & Eco Life Matchmaking event

    See, Which Tax Amendments Are Planned To Alleviate the Crisis


    We have prepared an overview of the state’s tax package, the aim of which is to alleviate the negative impact on companies resulting from the corona virus outbreak and establishing the emergency situation. The tax package includes, for example, decreasing of the excise duties for fuels, suspension of interest on tax arrears and ensuring health insurance for members of the board for the period of the emergency situation.

    Excise duty on diesel fuel, natural gas and electricity will be temporarily decreased

    The excise duty on diesel fuel will be decreased from 49.3 cents to 37.2 cents per litre. The state presumes that decreasing the excise duty will decrease the price of diesel fuel by 14.5 cents per litre. The excise duty for special purpose diesel fuel used in agriculture will decrease from 13.3 cents to 10 cents per litre. The excise duty rate for electricity will decrease from 79.14 euros to 40 euros per 1,000 m3, which is approximately the level of the year 2017. The excise duty for liquid gas will be decreased by two times. Additionally, the excise duty for light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, shale-derived fuel oil, natural gas for engine, liquified natural gas for engine and components of diesel fuel will be decreased. The fuel excise duties will be decreased during the period from 1 May 2020 to 30 April 2022.

    Health insurance of members of the board and people employed under a contract according to the Law of Obligations Act will not be interrupted during the emergency situation

    According to the amendment of the Health Insurance Act, the health insurance of a member of the board, member of the supervisory council, a person earning salaries or service fees based on a contract under the law of obligations and a person paying taxes on business income will not be interrupted if no social tax is paid to the extent of at least the minimum obligation of social tax during the emergency situation. The insurance cover for the people listed above will be valid until the tenth date of the second month after the end of the emergency situation.

    Amendments related to the social tax

    Pursuant to the Social Tax Act, employers are required to pay social tax only on the payments made, not on the least monthly rate. This means that the amendment will release the employers from the obligation to pay social tax on the least monthly rate for each of their employee. This exception will be applicable for March, April and May of 2020. The amendment will be a benefit for those employers whose employees earn less than 540 euros per month. Thus, this amendment may serve the employers whose employees are working part time or are on unpaid vacation. This amendment will not affect the status of the health insurance of employees.

    The Social Tax Act will also include an exception for sole proprietors. In case of the sole proprietors, the state will pay to the tax administrator for the sole proprietor’s social tax advance payment calculated for the first quarter of this year. If a sole proprietor has already paid the advance payment, the advance payment account of that person will have an excess payment, which may be left there to cover future tax obligations, or an application may be filed to request refund of the excess payment. The amendment will not influence the social guarantees of the sole proprietor.

    Amendments related to tax interests

    The Taxation Act will be updated with a provision according to which the obligation to calculate and pay interest from tax arrears is suspended from 1 March until the end of the emergency situation. This means that companies are not required to prepare interest calculation entries or pay tax interest. The amendment concerns calculation of interest on arrears that occurred earlier as well as those from 1 March. The amendment will also mean that payment of interests on postponed tax arrears will also be suspended.
    Furthermore, the overall tax interest rate will decrease from 0.06 percent to 0.03 percent per day after the end of the emergency situation until 31 December 2021.

    The amendment of the Taxation Act will also give the tax administrator the right to decrease the interest rate during postponing of the payment of the tax arrears. The tax administrator has the right to decrease the interest rate of postponed payment of tax arrears to the extent of 100 percent from the date of making the decision to postpone payment during the period from 1 May 2020 to 31 December 2021. The amendment also concerns the tax arrears payment schedules already in force. At the moment, it is allowed to decrease the postponed tax arrears interest rate up to 50 percent.

    Tax and Customs Board will have the right to suspend publishing of tax data

    The Taxation Act will be updated with a provision that will allow the Tax and Customs Board to suspend disclosure on the internet of data on taxes paid by operators and the number of persons employed by them. Publishing of the tax data may be suspended from the declaring of the emergency situation until two months after the end of the emergency situation. The state explains the amendment with the reasoning that disclosure of tax data during this time might not give an adequate overview of the tax obedience of operators.

    By now, the Tax and Customs Board has temporarily closed the tax arrears query, i.e. at the moment it is not possible to check if a transaction partner has tax arrears or not. Although the tax arrears information is not currently published, tenderers with non-postponed tax arrears still cannot participate in public procurements.

    Lower value added tax for e-books and electronic publications

    A reduced value added tax rate of 9 percent will be applicable for e-books, electronic educational literature and electronically available journalistic publications. The decreased value added tax rate is not applicable if the publication is meant mainly for advertising or private announcements, or mainly of erotic or pornographic content or a publication of video or music content. At the moment, a decreased rate is applicable only for hard copy books, exercise books and periodicals. The amendments will enter into force from 1 May of this year.

    State to stop payments into the second pillar of the funded pension

    In relation to the suspension of payment of the state’s share (4 percent) of the funded pension payments from 1 July 2020, people have the option to choose in October 2020 if they stop the payment of their 2 percent share from 1 December. In order to stop the payments, a person has to submit an application to the account manager or pension registrar. For the people who submit their applications to stop the payments will no longer pay their 2 percent from December 2020. Payments are not made until 31 August 2021. For the people who continue paying their 2 percent of the funded pension payment, will receive the state’s share of 6 percent instead of the current 4 percent until 2025. People, who stopped the payment of their 2 percent share, will receive 6 percent of the state’s share from 1 January 2023 until October of the same year. Exceptions are foreseen for people born during the period of 1942 to 1960.

    Amendments related to the income tax

    Sole proprietors are given the right to deduct additionally up to 5,000 euros from the revenue gained from the transfer of timber harvested from a registered immovable that belongs to them. At the moment, this sum is 2,877 euros. Additionally, sole proprietors will have the same right with respect to income earned from transfer of the right to harvest growing forest. The same rights are foreseen also for natural persons. These amendments are implemented retroactively from 1 January 2020.

    Tax package discussed at the Riigikogu

    As the Riigikogu has not yet passed the tax package, changes may be made to it. Should you have any proposals or comments regarding the tax package, please let our lawyers know by writing to The Riigikogu is planning to pass the tax package in the nearest future.


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