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    NGO Tartu Regiooni Energiaagentuur

    NGO Tartu Regiooni Energiaagentuur (TREA) was founded in 2009 with the aim of facilitating sustainable energy and energy management in the region. The agency is focused on energy management promotion and the key problems of modern-day energy sector: energy efficiency, sustainable transport and renewable energy. TREA offers services and consultations related to the abovementioned topics for the clients of both public and private sector and is active in various international networks with the aim of exchange of experience.

    The Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Energy Agency in Rostock, Germany was searching for cooperation partners through the network in order to start various projects in the field of energy saving. Thanks to the contacts obtained via Tartu Science Park, there was an idea and opportunity in 2013 to apply for funding from the Intelligent Energy Europe programme for a project, which had to do with energy efficient renovation opportunities of old buildings.

    “We are constantly observing different financing programs of the European Union and will continue our cooperation with our German partners in order to bring good thoughts and experience to Estonia to help us further in the fields of sustainable energy and energy efficiency.”

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