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    Maris Gilden

    Estonian capital based Maris Gilden AS that is located in Tartu is a sweets manufacturer known for its biscuits, sweets and breakfast cereal pillows. The company sells products under popular brands such as Väike Väänik, Kass Artur’s toffee balls, Kiisukommid etc.

    Andre Sevastjanov, marketing and sales manager of Maris Gilden AS participated in the contact meetings event Tour d’Europe aimed at the food sector, which was organised by the contact network Enterprise Europe Network and took place in Rotterdam on 5 November 2015. During the meetings, wholesale and retail sellers from Belgium and Holland were looking for food and beverage manufacturers from Europe, including Estonia.

    A cooperation agreement was concluded and the Dutch company Bommels Conserven supplemented its product portfolio with the innovative What the Fruit? fruit-chocolate sweets and bread snacks of the Estonian company.

    Andre Sevastjanov considers this format of contact visits to be good and efficient, and recommends it to others.

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