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    Latest public procurement notices


    Do you want to see more published public procurement offers? See more at or Below you will also find links on how to keep up with public procurements in Japan and up-to-date information on references to national procurement registers in 60+ countries.


    ICT solutions and product offers

    • In Norway, the rapid supply of digital Sámi language teaching aids (development, production, marketing, maintenance of teaching aids) is procured. Deadline 14.09.2020. Code 384572
    • In Lithuania, installation and training of the integrated resource planning and operational management system (IRPOVS) is procured (for rental). Deadline 15.09.2020. Code 384215
    • The Estonian educational institution procures desktop computers, portable computers, monitors, computer ports. Deadline 14.09.2020. Code 385387
    • Denmark is procuring a digital rescue system for the municipality’s swimming pools, which will alert the rescuer of accidents. Deadline 14.09.2020. Code 385260
    • In Lithuania, mainframe hardware (workplace hardware and software) is procured. Deadline 14.09.2020. Code 385317
    • In Lithuania, a diagnostic system is procured (resistance measurement – installation, setup, training). Deadline 14.09.2020. Code 385127
    • In Latvia, the development and operation of an electronic voter registration information system will be procured. Deadline 10.09.2020. Code 382747

    Various services

    • In Sweden, architectural, construction, engineering and construction supervision services are procured in the port area. Volume 20M SEK. Deadline 16.09.2020. Code 384318
    • In Estonia, travel management services are procured for the ministry and government agencies. Deadline 18.09.2020. Code 385995
    • In Estonia, a job placement (labour market service) is procured in Narva. Deadline 28.08.2020. Code 386506
    • Exhibition organization services are procured in Lithuania. Business (B2B) and end – user (B2C) participation services in international tourism exhibitions. Deadline 15.08.2020. Code 386487
    • In Estonia, translation and interpretation services are procured in different language directions (languages ​​of EU member states) and in all major Estonian cities. Deadline 14.09.2020. Code 385994
    • In Finland, a food distribution service is procured in the city of Viitasaare (individual food portions). Deadline 29.09.2020. Code 382657

    Different supplies

    • In Lithuania, 7 types of LED luminaires are purchased for streets (approx. 588 units). Deadline 15.09.2020. Code 384203
    • In Sweden, various foodstuffs are procured from a wholesaler. Deadline 13.10.2020. Code 385214
    • Installation and maintenance of road signs, markings and other road safety measures. Deadline 15.09.2020. Code 384853
    • Surgical and non-sterile diagnostic gloves of various sizes are procured in Lithuania. Deadline 31.08.2020. Code 381479
    • Oxygen generators are procured in Lithuania. Deadline 14.09.2020. Code 381493
    • In Sweden, garbage bags are procured for the collection of household biological waste (food waste). Deadline 07.09.2020. Code 381436
    • In Sweden, mattresses for medical beds are procured. Deadline 21.09.2020. Code 381428


    Do you want a complete overview of public procurements in your area of interest? Ask for more information on whether public procurement monitoring or public procurement background search could be useful for you.

    Procurement of different EU countries related to Covid-19

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