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    Keel 24 OÜ and Sentab Estonia OÜ

    IT companies Keel24 and Sentab Estonia are starting the first Horizon 2020 SME second instrument projects in Estonia, which are funded by the European Commission. The consultants of Invent Baltics helped Estonian companies Keel24 and Sentab in preparing project applications for the second phase of Horizon 2020 product development support fund created for small and medium-size companies. So far these are the only Estonian companies to receive funding as project coordinators within the framework of the second phase of the SME round of applications. Both companies applied within the framework of the Information and Communication Technology call for applications of the SME instrument, which is also the area with the highest number of applicants: only 14 projects were chosen for funding out of the 191 applications.

    Keel24 OÜ is known for its innovative language learning software Lingvist. Lingvist is a computer-based language learning programme, which uses statistical and mathematical optimisation methods in order to personalise and accelerate the studies. Within the framework of the project, the team of Keel24 will be developing the language learning software in order to achieve higher individual study efficiency, adding new languages and preparing the software for entering larger markets.

    Sentab Estonia OÜ is developing a social communication platform for the senior part of the population, which allows them benefiting from entertaining content, communicating with family and peers as well as keeping in touch with service providers. The platform’s advantage is the ability to analyse efficiently behavioural patterns, and thereby improve the quality of life of senior citizens, offer them suitable content and improve services, including prevent accidents and respond adequately, if necessary. Within the framework of the project, the team will be focusing on software development in order to detect the patterns of the emotional condition of seniors and integrate them into the communication and database systems of Sentlab.

    The SME instrument is a measure specifically aimed at the small and medium-sized companies within the European Commission research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. The instrument supports near-to-market product development projects. Phase 1 of the SME instrument supports pre-studies of the project, i.e. the technological feasibility study of the idea, market research, patent research and preparation of a business plan. Phase 2 supports product development and initial marketing activities.

    Invent Baltics offers consultations for the SME instrument and other Horizon 2020 measures free of charge.

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