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    Business opportunities in Estonia

    We are a Northern European hub for Industrial, Supply Chain and GBS activity and a world leader in IT. As IT becomes the value driver across all industries, Estonia is uniquely positioned as the scalable location of choice for knowledge and digital business.

    • it r&d / software / hardware

      Estonia is the world’s most digitally enabled nation, offering a unique combination of talent, environment and innovation. Our IT R&D ecosystem enjoys global proof of concept, being trusted by global organisations such as Kuehne+Nagel and NATO and producing unicorn startups Transferwise and Bolt.

    • fintech

      Estonia is a cashless society with over 99% of financial transactions occurring digitally. Electronic ID and Blockchain are widely used in FinTech applications. 80+ FinTechs ranging from innovative startups such as TransferWise to Blockchain leader Guardtime make Estonia a global centre of excellence for FinTech.

    • cyber security

      The most advanced cyber security country in Europe, Estonia has unique expertise in the research, development and management of cyber security solutions and systems. Home to NATO CCDCOE, Guardtime and Malwarebytes, Estonia is trusted to keep the digital economy safe.

    • risk capital

      Estonia has a two-decade track record of successful innovations and investments thanks to its smart people and a unique environment which enables the accelerated development and commercialisation of IP.

    • food

      Estonia has a sizeable food industry which benefits from ecological raw materials, skilled workers and modern production facilities. With an established export capability and growing application of food science and technology, Estonia is the ideal location for export and R&D oriented investment.

    • electronics / iot / mechatronics

      With a highly-qualified workforce and strengths in engineering, electronics and IT, Estonia is at the cutting edge of R&D, production and service for mechatronic solutions with embedded software.

    • business services

      With over 80 captive, BPO and ITO centres, Estonia is an established location for finance, IT and customer services and has a growing expertise in supply chain, HR and process automation.

    • industrial digitalisation / industry 4.0

      Estonia has a sizeable Advanced Industrial sector and world-class IT expertise in areas including high tech systems, control technologies and cyber security. Supported by a collaborative ecosystem well suited to research and development, Estonia is emerging as a centre of excellence in industrial automation.

    • blockchain

      Estonia developed X-Road, its proprietary decentralised, distributed system in 2001 and has utilised Blockchain since 2008. World-class technical skills supported by practical experience implementing public and permissioned Blockchain’s place Estonia at the forefront of the emerging Blockchain economy.

    • logistics

      Estonia is the most effective supply chain hub for the Nordic, Baltic and northwest Russian regions thanks to its strategic location, modern infrastructure, multi-modal capabilities and reliable but flexible approach.

    • bioeconomy / timber

      Estonia has one of Europe’s largest bioeconomies, including world leading expertise in forest-based activity. Supported by high-quality natural resources, ultra-high use of IT and supportive policy making, Estonia offers a range of production and innovation opportunities.

    • smart cities

      Estonia has a niche capability in the design and engineering of hardware and software solutions for intelligent transportation, urban planning, tourism and smart homes. Advanced digital infrastructure, skills and consumer adoption provide the ideal R&D testbed.

    • industrial r&d

      Estonia has a collaborative ecosystem for Industrial R&D including academia, accelerators and competence centres. Supported by world-class expertise and a highly competitive, digital environment, Estonia is the ideal location for Industrial product and technology R&D.

    • e-health

      Patient records in Estonia are digitised and secured by the Blockchain, providing a single immutable data source for healthcare professionals. With a unique digital platform and collaborative ecosystem, Estonia is positioned to lead on preventative medicine, patient self-treatment and industry efficiency.

    • marine industries

      Estonia’s marine sector specialises in the design and build of small and medium-sized commercial and leisure vessels. Centuries long expertise, cutting-edge application of IT and a flexible approach make Estonia a competitive location for innovation and export-oriented production.

    • energy

      Estonia has a diversified energy sector which comprises long-standing expertise in oil shale, a sizeable renewables sector and growing CleanTech capability. World-class expertise within a highly digital, pro-business environment will see Estonia play a leading role in the energy revolution

    • mechanical engineering

      Estonia has a full value chain for R&D, prototyping, and production of precision components and complex systems, and is trusted by ABB, Ericsson and the European Space Agency.

    • chemicals

      Estonia has an export-oriented Chemicals sector benefitting from a full value chain and world-class skills in oil shale, rare earth metals and petrochemicals. Our pro-business environment is competitive and trustworthy, with digitalisation applied to deliver new capabilities.

    • e-commerce

      Estonia is an emerging hub for global e-commerce activity. World-class IT skills have created numerous e-commerce applications and are supported by leadership positions in enablers such as online trust, payments and digital logistics.

    • digital logistics

      Estonia is a world leader in the development and application of digital logistics. From data analytics and country single windows to mobile apps and delivery robots, Estonia improves supply chain efficiency and client experience from the first mile to last.


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