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SOLVIT helps to guarantee the rights of entrepreneurs in the European Union’s internal market

Have you encountered a situation in a Member State of the European Union where the authorities do not act in accordance with harmonised rules? Has there been a delay in refunding VAT or has your company been unfairly fined? Do you have unjustified obstacles to the supply or provision of your products?

In such situations, the SOLVIT network between Member States, whose centres operate not only in EU Member States but also in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, can help. It is a free service designed  to quickly and effectively solve problems in the internal market out of court. The SOLVIT network will try to find a solution to the problem within 10 weeks.

If the authority breaks the rules

SOLVIT can only provide assistance if the authority of another Member State has violated European Union law, either the provisions of a directive, a directly applicable regulation or also the Treaty establishing the European Union.  If the requirement is established by the Member State itself in an area that is not regulated by European Union law, then SOLVIT cannot, unfortunately, help. Nor can SOLVIT intervene in complaints for which legal proceedings have been initiated. It should be stressed that SOLVIT is a voluntary cooperation network between Member States, which requires cooperation between the authorities. If the complaint cannot be resolved through SOLVIT, it is necessary to go to court or file a formal complaint with the European Commission.

The SOLVIT network handles nearly 5,000 complaints a year, of which nearly 90% are resolved. The largest share of complaints are citizens’ problems, in particular on social security (benefits, allowances, pensions) and the free movement of persons (visas for family members from third countries, residence permits). As a general rule, entrepreneurs prefer to go directly to court or refrain from filing a complaint. In 2020, only 135 company complaints were lodged with SOLVIT.

Estonian entrepreneurs have received help

However, we also encourage businesses to turn to us with their cross-border concerns. For example, we have helped Estonian entrepreneurs to recover VAT from Romania, which according to the directive should be refunded within four months, but which has been delayed much longer (e.g. for years). We have also helped transport operators who have been unfairly fined, for example, for allegedly having the tachograph in the wrong place in a lorry, even though it was properly installed by the manufacturer. In the case of a complaint made to us in which a driver was fined for speeding on the basis of digital data in Italy, the European Commission has opened infringement proceedings against Italy.

In recent years, we have been approached by a number of hauliers who have been fined for their connection with the Polish cowbare monitoring system SENT. Unfortunately, the subsequent challenge to the fine through SOLVIT has unfortunately failed to produce results, as it is a national system established in Poland and there is no direct link to European Union law. At the same time, this obligation to declare goods directly affects the free movement of goods within the European Union.

More information about the cases solved by SOLVIT and the Estonian Centre can be found at

A complaint can be filed with SOLVIT electronically by filling in the complaint form and choosing the second option “Solve problems related to EU rights with a public authority (individuals and companies)”.

Janne Änilane
Consumer and Business Advisory Department
Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority
Endla 10a, 10122 Tallinn
667 2121, 620 1723

Med2Meet 2022: virtual health care brokerage platform

18.05.2022 online (but also prior/after through direct contacts at platform)

You are welcome to participate in a virtual healthcare brokerage platform/event, to find new useful business contacts, contractors, exchange information and gather experience on the latest market trends in the medical industry and more. Platform enables to get acquainted with other companies/ offers and introduce your own company/offer (your products, projects, services or the needs of the company) through the publication of profile and setting up business meetings.  

Focus topics:

Medical devices and equipment

Personal protective equipment



Medical furniture


Additional information and registration for the event is open until 20.04.2022 at

Textile Connect 2022: textile and footwear brokerage platform

May 4-6, 2022: online (available also prior/after through direct contacts at platform)

You are welcome to the Textile Connect matchmaking platform, which connects companies and designers looking for production partners with manufacturers, service providers and suppliers of the textile and footwear industry. Platform also allows to create direct contacts and create cooperation ties between buyers and suppliers. As of the beginning of April, there were already 270 offers published on the platform. Come and see the existing ones and add your offer and create new business contacts today!

Additional information and free participation at the open address

Speed-Match 2022: brokerage platform for the aviation, rail and automotive industries

27.-28. April 2022: at online platform, but also prior/after through direct contacts

Interested companies are welcome to join at brokerage platform to establish profitable contacts at the Speed Match platform that promotes business and technology cooperation. Companies of different sizes, clusters, investors, public sector representatives, associations and other interested parties are invited to participate and profit – by available offers, publish their own offers and set up meetings.

More information and free participation is available at

Supply chain resilience online platform now OPEN – create new international contacts

The aim of the platform is to establish new contacts  and help companies maintain, restructure, or replace existing supply chains, as well as to obtain raw materials, parts, components, or services needed to continue production or activities.

We invite you to register your company profile and interests on the platform in order to establish new cooperation contacts and secure your international supply chain.

Platform focus areas: agriculture and food, construction, digital, electronics, energy-intensive industries, health, mobility, transport, automotive, raw materials, renewable energy, textiles.

The platform was created by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), in cooperation with the European Cluster Cooperation Platform, supported by the European Commission and EISMEA.

In addition, European Commission survey on supply chain disruptions remains open, in order to anticipate and find solutions: EUSurvey – Survey (

Additional information: or 604 0060

INNOFORM 2022: Tool and plastics processing fair and brokerage event

You are welcome to familiarise yourself with new directions and create profitable new business contacts for a hybrid event in Poland/online format.

This event is aimed at all industries, including:

  • Metals
  • plastid
  • machinery
  • electronics and electrical engineering
  • Automotive
  • railway
  • aviation
  • logistics
  • Household appliances
  • packaging
  • automation and robotization of production
  • IT solution for the industrial sector
  • Recycling

Participation is free of charge at prior registration, registration is open until 10.03.2022 at

“Get ready for Japan” 2-week virtual training program in May

• Training dates: 16-27 May 2022

• Application deadline: 10 March 2022

The two-week training offers EU leaders a unique opportunity to experience and understand both cultural and economic elements that explain Japan’s business and technology achievements.

It is focused on business administration and consists of lectures, case studies, negotiating role-playing games with Japanese executives and virtual visits to the company.

The purpose of the training is:

•gain a broad understanding of the Japanese business environment, business practices and Japanese-style personal interactions in order to find ways to conduct successful business through partner relationships;

•become aware of the decision-making process within Japanese companies and thereby better understand their negotiation style and hierarchy;

•to provide an opportunity to strengthen relations with current Japanese customers and facilitate the establishment of contacts with future customers during the company’s individual online B2B meetings

To ensure high level of personal attention, the number of participants is limited to 14. The choice is made between all applications received. Participation is free of charge, but participation in each online session is mandatory.

Additional information and application form:

IPEC 2022: AI and Sustainability Conference and brokerage event

The international manufacturing environment community will continue to exchange ideas, best practices, projects and technologies in Europe on artificial intelligence and sustainability. Referring to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, dialogue is to be intensified in order to contribute to a more competitive and sustainable industry through smart solutions.

IPEC 2022 aims to promote the creation of new business contacts and networks, the exchange of knowledge between companies, start-ups and research institutions.  Focus topics:

  • Circular economy and recycling technologies
  • Saving energy and CO2
  • Digital and sustainable business models
  • Artificial intelligence and blockchain
  • Resilience, durability & updateability
  • … and many more

The event is in English and free of charge. Registration is open until 09.03.2022 at

Virtual brokerage event and exhibition with Qatari and international companies

Since its inception in 2020, virtual events by the Qatar Development Bank have attracted 2,500+ participants with more than 2,000+ B2B meetings from 50+ countries around the world.

The virtual event will focus on raising awareness of Qatar’s production opportunities and will open up opportunities for international companies to cooperate with Qatar’s leading producers or among international companies themselves.

Importers, wholesalers, distributors and other companies operating in the following sectors are welcome to participate:

  • Construction, building materials, chemicals and electrical equipment
  • Plastics and packaging
  • Chemical products
  • Paberitooted
  • Fast-moving consumer goods
  • Food and drink
  • ICT services
  • Pharmaceuticals, healthcare and medical devices

Registration is open until 23.02.2022 at

With AI to the future!

Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, invites companies to join the AI development programme, which aims to help companies adopt artificial intelligence solutions.
Already on 18-19 February, the programme will hold development marathon for industrial enterprises to bring together companies with AI challenges and needs on the one hand and solution providers on the other. Companies whose processes (e.g. in manufacturing, customer management, product development or elsewhere) could be made more efficient and sustainable with an artificial intelligence solutions are welcome to join to the development marathon. Funding for the pilot projects will be distributed to the best selected projects. Participation is free. NB: Registration is open until 13.02.  Read more →