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    Angel chairs help Palms Art stretch its wings

    Karin Palm, the founder and board member of Palms Art Group OÜ, was at home with her little girl when the need arose for a set of chairs and tables so that her daughter could start creating her first masterpieces. Since there was nothing special to be found in the retail network, the idea was to make the furniture by herself, using the motifs of angel wings. “Angels are symbols of brightness, tenderness and goodness in our cultural space, so such furniture is suitable for every little girl. When you watch your small one sitting calmly in that chair, a feeling of brightness develops in the heart, “said Karin Palm with satisfaction.

    It all started with a chair
    Initially, a chair, table and mini cabinet were developed. In order to ensure environmental friendliness and to ensure that the chair had the smallest possible footprint during transport, a folding chair had to be created that customers could easily assemble. The development of the chair took a total of 9 months, but as a result, fasteners were created that hold the plywood backrest and seat plate firmly together. The durability of the connections created were tested even in the high-level TalTech Materials Technology Laboratory, where the properties of the furniture were tested in every way with the help of a robot. In the future, there are plans to develop more products, all of which are currently only on paper, because additional financial resources are needed to develop the products.

    Sales take place mainly in Estonia
    Today, Palms Art Group OÜ main customers are in Estonia. Recently, the online department store was added to its sales channels, which helped to expand to Finland. The idea is to expand also to other parts of Europe, Germany and Spain are in their target, but transport charges still need to be optimized. At the moment, their attention is on finding a favorable intra-European transport company, adding user convenience to the e-shop, finding new cooperation partners / resellers both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world, and finding financial resources that can be used to further develop new products.

    “Our intention is to extend the joy to every home through beautiful children’s furniture with angel wings, in addition, we contribute to inspiring social media and blog posts,” says Palm with a bright eye. “The desire is to help people think more positively and rediscover simple things for themselves, such as joy and laughter from the heart, being grateful for small things, etc. In our product descriptions we have promised that angel-winged furniture makes the whole family brighter and the home more harmonious. Who can you be angry when a child is sitting on a chair, wearing angel wings ?! ”

    EEN Network helped to find the necessary contacts
    “When we were looking for a reliable manufacturer of Wings by Palms Art furniture with angel wings, we collided with high production prices and realized that in order to achieve a better sales price, we had to look outside Estonia. Thanks to the EEN Network and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Palms Art Group OÜ established its first contacts with a Latvian furniture manufacturer. Today, having developed into a very good relationship: the cooperation is full of trust and the products are of very high quality as they should be for “angels”, “said Palm, commenting on the EEN network.

    Palms Art Group OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital, whose brand Wings by Palms Art, created in 2018, designs and sells children’s furniture.

    In Tallinn, you can find their products in the Balti Jaama Café So Brooklyn, Sweetheart play and party studio and children’s Café Domino.
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