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    Agri Trading Company AS

    “Whenever we need to establish new relations abroad and we have specified the respective target group, it is always good to ask for help from the EEN network while performing our own searches. Yes, we can consider the cooperation a success. The respective foreign partner sorts the potential partners out. We have never relied on that help alone, but use it as a supportive measure. However, it is good to have the confidence that these companies are reliable. The communication is very professional and personal.”

    Agri Trading Company AS is a marketer of food and feed grains, oil seeds, vegetables, herbs and other agricultural produce as well as feed components received as a result of their processing since the year 2000.

    The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry helped the company, through the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in finding buyers for organic grains and agricultural produce wholesale companies in Germany in order to sell them oats, rye, barley, food wheat, food rye, potato etc. In February 2014, the companies met at the organic fair in Nuremberg, where a cooperation agreement was signed. The contact that was found (P. Krücken Organic GmbH) is trading in organic raw materials and grains in Mannheim, Germany and has purchased several hundred tons of grains from the Estonian company, and the cooperation continues.

    The company was also looking for larger sellers of corn, rape-seed cake, and rape-seed pulp from Poland. From Estonia, their request was sent to Poland through the network. In Poland the request was uploaded to the local Enterprise Europe Network cooperation offers database. Through the database the company found a cooperation from Poland, the Estonian and Polish companies met and signed a cooperation agreement on 31 March 2014.

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